What is Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?



re you wondering whether life coaching would be helpful for you or someone you love? This page will help answer your questions so you can take the next best step in your personal journey.

Life Coaching Defined

At its core, life coaching is a transformative partnership designed to create long-lasting change. Clients develop the skills and confidence to take charge of their own lives.


Why Hire a Life Coach?

  • To make the most of your one, unique life.
  • To become who you are meant to be.
  • To experience success by understanding how to overcome challenges and obstacles.
  • To experience the success you yearn for.

Coaching is the Ultimate Apprenticeship

Coaching is an apprenticeship in which you learn to  accurately spot obstacles that are working against your success, gain eye opening insights, and practice new skills. Coaching provides real-time feedback to help you make course corrections along the way and to support you when the going feels tough.

There is no university degree for making the most of life—yet we all make decisions that directly affect our wellbeing and our future. Most of us have also experienced the painful consequences that can result from these life-altering decisions.

Letting circumstances or your perceived limits dictate the way you live your life leads to disappointment. It decreases self-confidence and gives you more  of what you don’t want.

Many professions use apprenticeship for deeper learning and mastery: law, medicine, engineering, and teaching, to name a few.

What about your life? Are you ready to master it?

Does Coaching Work?


In the Coaching Success Stories section of the website, real clients share stories of how life coaching has dramatically reshaped their lives in positive ways. Their stories highlight how coaching is an agent for change and living a happier, more satisfying life.

Here are some examples:

I have worked with a lot of professionals before, but this experience was nothing like those. I felt like Lynda ‘got it’, and this helped me take control of my life. I was so relieved to see I could make changes. And I did! I learned to recognize when I was overthinking and needed to just get going. I resolved financial challenges I had been avoiding for over 10 years. Taking charge has made me feel better about myself. And, I became closer to my family.”
– J.A.
Within weeks of beginning to coach, I was taking actions and making decisions I had been holding off making for years.”
– B.D.
This is awesome. I had been lost. Going in circles. But now my job is going better.”
– T.S.
Mindfulness and learning how to be present allows me to make more choices. I get out of my head and more into the doing mode. I feel I have more power over my present. I used to feel invisible but I am now speaking up more and notice others are listening to me too!”
– L.R.
I am different in my business. Before coaching, I felt my vision for my business was being stalled by my weaknesses. Now, I am more confident with my management team, more clear about what I want, and better able to stay on track.”
– G.K.
As a parent, this work has supported me in releasing the pressure I feel as the person responsible for my children’s wellbeing. I am able to trust that they are safe and be more relaxed at home. I would definitely recommend Lynda Hoffman to work with anyone who is interested and ready to… it makes working on yourself fun and exciting.”
– E.R.

The Elements of Successful Life Coaching

A supportive relationship: Life coaching is based on a transparent, supportive relationship, which science has shown to be the central factor in effective learning and change.

The coaching container is a private space in which the client feels safe enough to take the necessary risks to learn and grow. 

This relationship fosters a sense of emotional safety, providing a secure home base from which to take the necessary risks for learning and growing.

Accountability is built into each session. Consistent structure, action, and regular reflection on the work you’ve completed makes YOU accountable to yourself. This structure facilitates goal-directed learning.

Your unique perspective: You are the expert on your life. As a certified life coach, I have experience integrating your knowledge with proven processes to create long-lasting change. Great results are possible when we work together.

There is no fixing: I believe you are already whole and capable just as you are. Coaching is about growth, and allowing the greatness that is already inside you to blossom. You do not need fixing!

Empowerment is the ultimate goal of coaching. It is designed to reinforce your gifts, strengths, autonomy, and self-confidence. It is not done TO you, but THROUGH you. You come out stronger and less reliant on others for goal-directed behaviour.

Adaptability, flexibility, and an individualized approach make the work highly personal and attuned to the unique needs of each client.

 The Difference Between Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is life coaching with a psycho-educational component. Clients learn about how ADHD is affecting their lives, options for managing their symptoms, and ways to implement concrete changes effectively. This process  includes learning about executive functioning – the root challenge in ADHD – and how to enhance it for best results. 


Have I Answered Your questions?

If you’d like to know more, I invite you to contact me. Send me your question(s) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.