Being you will open doors you never knew existed.



lients often say to me, “I want to change—I’m ready—but I don’t know what to do.”

 “With all that I’m doing for myself, why am I not moving forward?”

“I want to simplify my life. I am tired of going from one crisis to another.”

Can you relate?

Are you wondering how to improve your life? Are you kept awake at night by thoughts of personal goals that always feel just out of reach?

Like most smart, resourceful, well-informed people, you have probably read many self-help books. You may even be the go-to wise person in your circle of friends, but still struggle to get what you want in your own life.

Yet despite this effort, we repeat our patterns. If this describes you, congratulations—you are human! And you are on a brave and exciting 



What are you looking for? More confidence? More joy? Less worry? Work-life balance? Better time management? A healthier relationship with food? A business that fully expresses your vision? Whatever your deepest desire, it is possible to create it. 

The truth is, the seeds of the life you want are already inside you.

Are you ready to let them grow?

If yes, then life coaching is the transformational process you are looking for.

Once you decide that going in circles is no longer serving you, you enter a different relationship with yourself. The way you view yourself and your situation will undergo a powerful change.

Here is a simplified version of the coaching process:


What are my strengths? What is holding me back? What is the story I am telling myself? Is it true?


This is where your power is. Being fully present in the moment, non-judgmentally, is the place to make your best choices.


Taking new and different action to practice new skills creates neural pathways that lead to long-term success.

Like a student of martial arts, you will become efficient with your movements, graceful in your life, and enjoy major results with much less effort.

If you are wondering whether to invest in yourself, remember that coaching is NOT a luxury. You have one life, and living it wholly is the key for good health, resilience, and positive outcomes.

What part of yourself wishes to be given a voice? A place to thrive?

Are you ready to discover YOU?

Are you ready for rewards that last a lifetime?

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I invite you to explore the

content on this website. In the MAKE A CHANGE section, you’ll find in-depth articles on Designing your Life, Work-Life Balance, Personal Leadership, Self-Worth, Focus, and Limiting Beliefs. The questions and exercises that accompany each article will help you get started and clarify your next steps.

If you’re ready to take action today, I invite you to experience a free coaching conversation with me. It is my gift to you. Assess for yourself just how deeply transformative this work is, and see what possibilities await you.

After all, becoming who you are meant to be is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

I extracted some deeply-held beliefs, thoughts, even fears, so that I could see them in a realistic light that made sense. My energy is now going towards healthier pursuits. Pretty huge! I have shared my wonderful/insightful/inspirational experience with many people”.
In the short time we have been coaching, I have learned to balance my self-care with my busy life and make better choices for myself. Before coaching, I wasn’t even aware of what I needed to do until I hit a wall, and when I did know, I didn’t act on it. I am also more aware of time, pause before I respond to a situation, and feel more at peace in our sometimes chaotic family life. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. My deepest thanks, Lynda”.
M.M. (40 year-old nutritionist and mother of two)

“What one can be, one must be.”

– Abraham M. Maslow

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